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Delivery X1, Where Technology Meets Affordability

The  Delivery X series is a product line dedicated to autonomous indoor delivery. The X series delivery robots are designed to provide cost-effective smart delivery solutions for the hospitality industry where labor shortage and increasing labor costs are of top challenges. Being the first product of the delivery line, X1 performs basic point-to-point autonomous delivery of food, beverage, or various cargos. The robot has advanced localization and environmental perception capabilities powered by industry-leading navigation technology and a cutting-edge sensor system. It also adopts advanced shock mitigation mechanisms to provide a stable, spill- proof delivery process.

Marker-less Deployment

Easy set-up without scanning QR location code, saving 75% deployment time while protecting interior design of the site

Industry-leading Shock Mitigation

Smart Trays X1 Pro

Equipped with weight sensors and LED indicator lights, signaling the load status and automatically leaving after the load is emptied

Navigating Narrow Aisles

Adopting automotive-level independent suspension chassis to ensure the best shock mitigation effect for a stable, spill-proof delivery process

Effortlessly passing through aisles as narrow as 65cm supported by high-precision sensors

High Performance Battery

Multi-robot Collaboration

Adopting lithium phosphate battery— higher thermal stability and 6X longer endurance than common ternary lithium batteries.

Able to realize intercommunication between robots to work collaboratively in large sites

Key Features

Delivery X1 Brochure

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