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Automation at Scale 2/5

Improve the digital experience for your end users and provide faster detection of threats and ability to intervene.


How Can You Enable Rapid Deployment and Scale for Enterprises?

Provides faster deployment of standardized virtual machine images and approved applications.

  • Centralized image management enabling customized Desktops for users

  • Complete virtual desktop lifecycle support enables businesses to manage at scale

  • Automated user provisioning eliminates cost and accelerates productivity

How  Can We Provide to you Automated Lifecycle Support for Hybrid Work Environments?

Centralizes and optimizes various workflows across the IT lifecycle to simplify desktop and application delivery, all within an easy web UI.

  • Mitigates risk with end-to-end, centralized policy based management

  • Speed deployment with automatic IT integrations and installations

  • Simplify delivery with app management, updates and security patching, reporting and auditing

How Can We Help Enterprises Reduce Operational Overhead?

Eliminates the need to invest time, effort and budget into manually upgrading complex IT infrastructure, software and services.

  • Delivery of the operating system and its native applications at no additional cost

  • The most agile cloud implementation combined with DIA (Desktop Intelligence Automation) makes it easy to monitor, configure and update (remotely) as needed.

  • Pay-As-You-Go licensing means organizations pay only for the hours logged on the desktops.


Key Automation Features

Instant Provisioning

Automated user provisioning mitigates risk, reduces cost and accelerates productivity.

Custom Images

Tailor virtual machine images as needed to meet business requirements, then rapidly deploy them across regions.

Lifecycle Support

Application delivery and management, updates and security patching, reporting, and auditing.

Real-Time Metrics

Measure within the users’ sessions to identify resource constraints before they impact user experience.

Protect Sensitive Data and Eliminate Endpoint Security Concerns

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