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Drone Solutions for the traditional Industry/Manufacturing site

The Industry, Droned

The modern industry is revaluating its core operational security and patrolling structures. Manufacturers are competing to satisfy the ever-changing market demands. As insurance rules become more and more demanding, security & patrolling premises needs to be modernised as for any company to properly monitor and secure its assets.


Insurance companies are not just experiment with the new drone technology to make their jobs easier, they have started adopting it. Drones offer numerous advantages for insurers including damage inspections, post-disaster claim inspections, fraud monitoring and more. Drones are particularly helpful in the adjustment of property claims, roof or property damage inspections, which are extremely costly, difficult and hazardous to inspect.

Cost savings

Drones deliver millions in savings worldwide and eliminate tens of thousands of hours of HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) exposure to work at height and in confined spaces.

Our process is faster, requires less manpower and is also cost effective.

We can help

Gerobo can help you extend this value by embedding drones into assets so they can support missions for high frequency/low impact activities which will complete the journey of drones from ad-hoc tool to a critical piece of infrastructure.

Security & Patrolling for Industry Sectors

Chemical, FMCG, Telco's, Metal, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical Industries

Drones are increasingly being used by these sectors companies for outdoor monitoring of assets, gas leaks or emissions as it has the ability to reach elevated platforms. You can use them to inspect flares, distillation columns, and pipelines at your facilities, automate tower inspections and enhance the measurement of wireless coverage and performance. Equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors, drones can accurately assess the condition as well as identify temperature irregularities.


Companies building and managing large infrastructure such as roads, railways, bridges, dams, water reservoirs, airports, marines, industrial complexes, oil and gas operations, and power complexes have considerable potential to use drones to optimize their operations.

Businesses within the construction industry are leveraging drones to more easily adhere to the extensive laws and regulations surrounding worker safety.

Many of their projects are too complex and scalable so they are exposed to many challenges that security and patrolling drone technology can help solve, including very fast identification of construction mistakes, penalties for missing deadlines, miscommunication between stakeholders and contractors, and volumetric assessment. It can also help stakeholders efficiently survey to avoid financial liabilities post-construction due to lack of maintenance and resultant damage to the environment.

Drones are already used for new applications that were previously very hard or costly to access or closely track. Think of monitoring or inspecting hard-to-reach areas or of analysing and optimizing rapidly changing environments such as construction sites.


  1. Fast, reproducible, on-demand image acquisition

  2. Accurate and comprehensive data

  3. Cost and time saving

  4. Remote access to current status of the site

  5. Interconnection of remoted teams for Common Operational Picture (COP)

  6. Increased safety

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Custom solution?

If you wish to explore more on our Industrial drone solutions and ask us for a customizable solution, drop us a note and we’ll get back to you.

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