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Custom Drone Solutions

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Well, this is where you come in. We are pretty sure your ideas and different ways of using potential drone applications are great.

So, this is what we propose.

There are many mainstream methods and off-the-shelf technologies available to industries. However, these solutions are usually designed and implemented to service an entire industry or even multiple industries.

Following the GEROBO3STEP process we can ensure our solution is customised to your specific needs and provide additional options to support implementation.

It’s your company

Seamless business operations, feasible, scalable and cost-efficient methods

You are the ones who know exactly the problems you are facing. We are ready to use cutting edge technology to manufacture custom built drones and accompanying systems to solve your problems.

Our custom drone applications can be built to fit seamlessly into your business operations. During the development process, our sole focus is to fit within the needs of your business and tailor end-user support to increase bottom-line efficiency.

This is how we do it:

GEROBO3STEP Custom drone solution

  1. GEROBO Research

We sit together and define the problem. We exchange and gather all project data as to create the Product draft.

Yes, it’s not free so you will receive an offer from us before stage 2 so we can move forward.

  1. GEROBO Development

Research and development initiates to create the prototype and appropriate implementation procedures. An agreed time plan is shared.

  1. GEROBO On Air

The final drone solution is delivered with turn-key operated options

Oil and gas 1.jpg

Oil and Gas companies, Refineries

Oil rigs_edited_edited.jpg

If you wish to explore more on our Custom drone solutions and ask us for a customizable solution, drop us a note and we’ll get back to you.

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