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Drone Solutions for Logistics centres

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The use of drones in the logistics sector is very advantageous, enabling a wide range of applications.

The security and surveillance companies are doing most inspections and routine patrols manually by having personnel on location. However, using our drone security and patrolling solution, your company can gain real-time insights into the ongoing security and surveillance tasks, optimising, controlling, and identifying any abnormalities of the inspection and routine patrols while on location through live-streamed connection.

Call for Action

Today, the global logistics needs and circumstances call for more action. At the heart of the transport of people and goods, mainland or seaports logistics centres are exposed to various risks, including illicit trades, malice, accidents and terrorism. The duty of the drone operator and the offering of our security and patrolling solution is to ensure the security of passengers, goods, ships and all persons present in any logistics premise.

The Risk

Warehouses and stocks in Logistics premises have many risks. Security teams normally check on intrusion, theft and aggression. This usually involves a complete video surveillance system combined to solutions to remove doubts.

Fast and Accurate

Our drones can be directly integrated into your existing security network to strengthen it. They supplement conventional surveillance solutions such as camera networks by providing an overview of monitored areas, where traditional cameras are limited by blind spots. Moving drones have the added benefit to be more difficult to neutralize than surveillance camera systems.   

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Custom solution?

If you wish to explore more on our Logistics drone solutions and ask us for a customizable solution, drop us a note and we’ll get back to you.

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