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Gausium Vacuum 40
Hotels, Hospitals, Office buildings, Schools, Pavillions

Vacuum 40 is an autonomous vacuuming robot.

Compactly designed and applicable to both soft and hard floor types, Vacuum 40 is an ideal solution for hotels with narrow corridor aisles and carpet-tile flooring. With side brushes and an add-on mop, the robot can achieve simultaneous vacuuming and sweeping on carpets, as well as simultaneous sweeping and dry mopping on hard floors. Supported by 3D cameras, it is able to identify floor types and switch to the suitable cleaning mode autonomously.

Key Features

3-in-1 Cleaning

Vacuuming, Sweeping, Dust mopping


Working perfectly on varying flooring types, be it a hard surface, a low pile carpet or a high pile carpet

24 KPA Powerful Suction

Super strong suction performance, effortlessly picking up fine dust and debris

Create Long-Term Value

2,000-cycle LFP batteries
5,000-hour sanitizing atomizer
8,000-hour scenting atomizer

Sanitizing / Scenting (40 Diffuser)

Optional diffuser kit for atomizing disinfection and/or aroma diffusion

Zero Distance from Edge

Able to clean along the edges zero-distance-close with side brushes and high-precision sensors

H13 HEPA Filter

Medical-grade air purifying capability

Create Long-Term Value

Vacuum 40 is made of enduring, easy-to-recycle materials.

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Vacuum 40 Brochure

Hotel E-book - Greek
Οδηγός Φιλοξενίας

Hospital E-book - Greek
Οδηγός Νοσοκομείων

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