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Fortified Cybersecurity 1/5

A zero trust, cloud network solution that inherently governs data privacy, regulatory compliance, and secure remote access.


How Can I Protect My Corporate Data From Being Exposed or Deleted?

Enterprise-grade security controls keep data and intellectual property safe from breach or theft.

  • Zero-trust framework, endpoint isolation and policy-based access controls ensure data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands

  • Secure perimeters and the elimination of cross-network VPN access prevent data from leaving the desktop

  • Secure file sharing facilitates safe and secure collaboration and keeps sensitive data from leaving the workspace

How Can I Protect Corporate Infrastructure From Unauthorized Access?

Employees, contractors and vendors are granted access only to the infrastructure, applications and data they need.

  • Monitoring, detection and prevention of unauthorized access to critical resources through Privileged Access Management

  • Secure, remote, access to applications, data and services based on clearly defined access control policies

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) restrict unauthorized access to data

How Can I Reduce Ransomware Risks

Access to sensitive data and assets is controlled with enterprise-level security capabilities

  • Zero-trust network access authenticates, authorizes and continuously validates access to data and applications

  • Always-on encryption and firewall rules eliminate concerns over external threats

  • No data resides on the endpoint to prevent data loss and theft


Key Cybersecurity Features

Access Security

SASE-compatible network connectivity provides secure, policy-based access to data and applications.

Endpoint Security

Eliminate the need for employees to have corporate data on their personal devices.

Data Security

Built-in, encrypted, collaborative, storage and file access to secure and prevent data loss.

Identity Security

Use native MFA or SSO identity solutions for seamless authentication and authorization.

Protect Sensitive Data and Eliminate Endpoint Security Concerns

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