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Gausium 75
Industry, Logistics, Warehouses, Parkings, Airports, Supermarkets, Malls

Boosting Your Productivity of Large Area Cleaning

Scrubber 75 is a classic flagship product, the “first-born child” of the cleaning robot family. The robot is equipped with 20+ sensors all around the machine body that guarantees superb environmental perception and smart obstacle avoidance. With a 750mm scrubbing width and a 75L clean water tank, the robot is an ideal choice for large-area cleaning missions. Agility is not compromised by its size — Scrubber 75 features superior maneuverability with an innovative front-mounted brush head, an ergonomic steering wheel and stand-on pedal.

Key Features

Superb Productivity

• Integrating scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping, and degreasing
• Up to 3,000 ㎡/h cleaning efficiency

270° Rotational Scrub Deck

Accessing and cleaning 90° corners, putting a stop to incomplete cleaning once and for all

Advanced lighting system (75 P)

Adopting flashing light, blue projection light and supplement light, distinctively communicating the machine position through vehicle-identifiable signals

Ergonomic Manual Mode

Equipped with stand-on pedal and steering wheel for users to effortlessly carry the machine around

Best-in-class Sensing

Market-leading sensor system consisting of 3D LiDAR, 2D Laser, 3D Cameras. 75 P is equipped with Millimeter-wave radars for faster and more accurate perception of the vehicle movements

Oil Stain Cleaning

Able to mark oil stains in the map and perform thorough oil cleaning

5-Stage Filtration System

Reducing around 80% fresh water consumption

Minimal Human Maintenance

Optional workstation for self-docking charging, water refill and discharge

Gerobo Gausium Scrubber 75

Scrubber 75 Brochure

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