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Gausium Scrubber 50
Malls,  Supermarkets, Hotels, Hospitals, Office buildings, Schools

Beyond Automation: Disruptive Deep Learning Technology

Scrubber 50 Pro is an AI-powered floor cleaning robot that goes beyond the scope of“automation”. Deep-learning algorithms are integrated within a sensor fusion of 2D LiDAR, 3D and RGB cameras, which grant the robot high-accuracy environmental perception and the ability to make advanced operation decisions according to the real-time situation.

Key Features

3-in-1 Cleaning

Integrating scrubbing, sweeping, and dust mopping

Superb Productivity

Up to 1,490 ㎡/h cleaning efficiency with disc brush, and 2,527 ㎡/h with roller brush and side brushes

Ergonomic Manual Mode

Easy manual operation - effortlessly walking and steering the machine with the ergonomic handle

Auto Spot Cleaning*

Scanning the cleanliness of the nearby floor and autonomously performing spot cleaning where waste or stains are detected, bringing up to 4X efficiency improvement and significantly reducing energy consumption

5-stage Filtration System

Recycling water and reducing ~80% of freshwater consumption

Minimal Human Intervention

Optional workstation for self-docking power charging, water refill and discharge


Scrubber 50 Brochure

Hotel E-book - Greek
Οδηγός Φιλοξενίας

Hospital E-book - Greek
Οδηγός Νοσοκομείων

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