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Drone Solutions for the traditional Industry/Manufacturing site

The Vessel, Droned

Drone Solutions for the Shipping Industry

All Aboard! but, really, what’s missing?

Is your vessel equipped with Drone security and patrolling solutions?  Do you risk damages that you are unaware of, but you could prevent?

Is your personnel secure? What are the security parameters that you wish to take care of?

Well, this is where WE come On Board.


Any security system is really useful for monitoring large open spaces the vessels areas, perimeter and hazard conditions. Our security and patrolling drone solutions can become extremely useful for vessels operating in a port or in remote areas or locations that are hard or slow to access.

GET OPERATIONAL 24/7 with all the tech perks 

Our drones are equipped with surveillance equipment and Artificial Intelligence algorithms that collect solid proof of any incident with high-definition video and still images day and night. Our Drones are equipped with technology and countermeasure capabilities, allowing them to intercept cell phone calls, determine GPS locations, etc.

Ask us how we can make a significant contribution to your safety and risk management by initially taking care of the following:




While you go on executing your daily routines, we will take care of the things that will prove of high value to your people, vessel or fleet. While your employees and goods are at the port or travel in open seas, everything is exposed to various risks, including illicit trades, malice, accidents, intrusion, fire, explosions and terrorism. Our drone solutions ensure a fast incident response and real-time alerts as to prevent the security of passengers, vessels and all persons and goods.


Our drones make it simpler and quicker to examine a ship and its cargo, but it will make things easier to see how our technology is used to assess any damage or other liabilities rising from various risks.

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Custom solution?

If you wish to explore more on our Shipping drone solutions and ask us for a customizable solution, drop us a note and we’ll get back to you.

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