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Workstation WS-02

Boosting Your Productivity of Large Area Cleaning

The workstations is currently available for the Scrubber 75 series. They have been designed to increase the uptime of the robots and reduce

human intervention. By docking with the workstation, the cobot can automatically perform power charging, water refill and discharge.

WS-02 Specifications









Rated Voltage


Max. Output Power


Operating Temperature

-10 ~ +45°C14 ~ 113°F

Operating Temperature

20% ~ 75%RH

Storage Temperature

-40 ~ +45°C-40 ~ 113°F

Storage Humidity


Key Features

Superb Productivity

• Integrating scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping, and degreasing
• Up to 3,000 ㎡/h cleaning efficiency

270° Rotational Scrub Deck

Accessing and cleaning 90° corners, putting a stop to incomplete cleaning once and for all

Advanced lighting system (75 P)

Adopting flashing light, blue projection light and supplement light, distinctively communicating the machine position through vehicle-identifiable signals

Ergonomic Manual Mode

Equipped with stand-on pedal and steering wheel for users to effortlessly carry the machine around

Best-in-class Sensing

Market-leading sensor system consisting of 3D LiDAR, 2D Laser, 3D Cameras. 75 P is equipped with Millimeter-wave radars for faster and more accurate perception of the vehicle movements

Oil Stain Cleaning

Able to mark oil stains in the map and perform thorough oil cleaning

5-Stage Filtration System

Reducing around 80% fresh water consumption

Minimal Human Maintenance

Optional workstation for self-docking charging, water refill and discharge

Gerobo Gausium Scrubber 75

Scrubber 75 Brochure

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