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Forests & Agriculture Solution 
Digital Register  & Recording of the Forests FLORA

Explore the DeltaQuad Pro VTOL UAV 


DeltaQuad specializes in the development, design and production of electric long range UAVs for mapping, inspection and surveillance. All UAV models are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

Our Forests, Our Life. Protect them. 

The Forest manager becomes innovative.

As an i-Forester your are now able to learn more about your sensitive forest. Fires, deforestation, illegal logging, trash, natural disasters, change of flora.


Coverage up to 1200HA (3000AC)

A 61 MP mapping sensor together with a flight time of 110 minutes, adds up to an coverage of 1200Ha at 3/CM per pixel in one flight.


Highest image resolution: 61 megapixel camera

We provide an option to add the highest resolution camera. Using the 61MP camera ensures you get the maximum possible coverage.

Copy of DQ-inair.png

Corridor scans up to 50 kilometer

Long range corridor scans are possible up to 50KM. If available, a 4G/LTE network can enable unlimited range and provide redundancy.

PRO #MAP Solution

Smart technology and powerful performance that enables easy and productive mapping & surveying.

Gerobo_Forest 6.jpg

In-flight quality assessment through live video

Live video is available on the DeltaQuad controller. This way you can assess the quality of your mapping data during the flight.

micasence rededge p.png

Swappable payloads

Camera mounts & payloads are swappable. This enables you to save on your investment by not having to buy multiple UAVs.

Copy of DQ - Map.png

Deployable in rain or snow

Smart technology gives the DeltaQuad the unique ability to safely fly in rain & snow.

Geospatial 3D Solutions
The Pro #MAP delivers CM level accurate high resolution geospatial information.
Acquire GIS data and imagery from a turn-key UAV solution that can cover large areas and takeoff and land anywhere. The Pro #MAP will take off within 2 minutes, survey the indicated area and return for landing completely autonomous.

Copy of Deltaquad pro 2.jpeg.jpg
deltaquad ground station.png
  • Perform orthomosaic mapping and 3D volume calculations

  • Create orthomosaic maps, 3D point clouds and Digital Surface Models (DSMs)

  • Produce accurate measurements in unreachable areas

  • Calculate volumes from 3D models

  • Chart, plot and plan construction

  • Survey emergency and disaster areas

  • Process contour lines and elevations profiles



Orthomosaic maps

Copy of Orthomosaic mapping.png


3D models 



Digital Surface Models

Watch the video and get in touch!

Greek Ministry of Environment & Energy
General Forest Secretariat

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